Uncover Exactly How To Get Clients Online
''Using Instagram''
With no selling and just publishing valuable content you always do, except for one crucial difference...
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What You're Going To Find Inside This Free Online Training...
How to free up your time by using Instagram as a platform to find new and higher paying clients for your Online Personal Training Business. 
  • The $25,000 lesson that has held us back and every other PT that we met from getting online clients - I bet you've never heard of it.
  • The Unspoken Technique to reputation building that we can guarantee is killing your sales before you even get the chance. 
  • "Learn To Create Celebrity KLT Content" to get your audience to Know, Like, Trust you which will lead to more leads and sales for you.
  • "How To Master The IG Game" Why Using a Social Media Calendar will make content creation and distribution that much easier for you. 
About Your Presenters
Hey, we’re Chris and Eric Martinez.
We help personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts, just like you, build and scale their online coaching businesses to get more time, freedom, revenue, and impact more people while taking their careers to the next level!

If you’re a fitness professional and want to build an online coaching business to free up more time, help more people, create multiple revenue streams, and live a dynamic lifestyle, then we have some great programs to help you.

We have built and sustained our online fitness coaching business, Dynamic Duo Training, for over 8 years. 

Our mission is to share our gifts and expertise with you because we want you to have the same success we have achieved.
It has cost us over $250,000 in mistakes, not to mention the headaches and frustration that went along with it. 

Our students end up saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in mistakes while simultaneously shortening the learning curve to reach your desired level of success.
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