"Trainerize or Fitbot"
What’s The Best Online Personal Training Platform?
From the desk of Chris and Eric Martinez on September 28th, 2018
Founders of dynamicduotraining.com
If you are an ACE, NASM, NSCA, or ISSA certified personal trainer and you are trying to move your business online, here is the biggest thing that gets skipped…

Unless you want to be stuck paying crazy gym fees, or being capped at what you charge per session or scheduled clients all over the place you need to know this.
We know you hate it to have one appointment at 6 am then another one at 2:30 pm then one more at 8 pm to make a buck, it’s like you never get a break. We know because we have been there.

First here is why you should listen to us, we have built a six-figure online fitness coaching business “Dynamic Duo Training”, and we have had the privilege of coaching online for the past eight years and working with thousands of awesome clients around the world.

We have worked with hundreds of fitness coaches to help them build their online businesses and scale them through our Dynamic Inner Circle Group. Over these eight years we have invested well over $250,000 in our business.

On the flip side, we’ve invested countless hours in ourselves, elite masterminds groups, coaching with multi-millionaire marketers; Because of this we have been featured in Forbes, Inc, Huffington Post, and delivered talks around the states.

We don’t mention this to brag, more so to show we have made mistakes and have invested in ourselves immensely, but the big issue is most PT’s think it’s not possible to build a business online, or they need a big social media following to be successful.

However, here is the truth of the matter… We were able to help hundreds of personal trainers build their own PT business online, and we were able to do it without Trainerize or Fitbot.

It’s not that we are against any of these platforms out there, the reality is we just never had to use them because the systems we use work great, and we have worked in minor improvements the past eight years from client feedback.
Albert Einstein - “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

We have been open-minded to using Platforms like Trainerize and Fitbot but when we survey our clients they never say anything negative about our systems because of the value we give.

ACE did a survey and found that the top two reasons why clients quit are because the workout was too easy or the workout was too hard

So if most trainers get this wrong in person imagine how many are getting this wrong online. When you are building a business online if you are not doing this right most clients drop off, and you will never know why. 

So we have to stress this, this is a review of each platform, but we would caution to not rely on these platforms too heavily

However, we have been very curious about these online personal training platforms and have been hearing about them a lot and seeing social media ads everywhere, so we wanted to see for ourselves first hand and dissect these two for you. 

So, since there are two of us, we both subscribed to one each and dissected them from head to toe to see what the PRO’s and CON’s were. 

The funny thing is, when we came together to see the data and all the PRO’s and CON’s to each, we realized they were both very similar. 

We want to give you guys our honest feedback on these two powerhouse online personal training platforms and have you make the best decision for your coaching business.

"Chris and Eric know their stuff, they care about their clients, and want to see them succeed."
This software will help you in your business but make no mistake in relying too heavily on these apps instead focus on your client's needs. These are merely a tool to make your life a little easier - nothing more.
For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer
Arnold Schwarzenegger
PRO’s to Trainerize and Fitbot:
  • Personal training software is easy to use
  •  Exercise video and library which is pretty damn cool
  •  You can build your own training templates
  •  The interface is straightforward, clean, and comfortable for the coach to use. Moreover, the client has the workouts, individual videos, explanation of workouts, sets/reps, weekly splits
  •  You can Connect your YouTube account and upload your exercise videos
  •  Programming each day are assigned, very detailed, and the client can mark completed to see their adherence each week
  •  In-app and automated messaging, you can send messages to clients
  •  Calendar in an interface is cool, so clients and coaches see the bird’s eye view of week/month workouts, meals, cardio, when to do photos/measurements, etc.
  •  You can sync PayPal and stripe accounts to take payments
CON’s to Trainerize and Fitbot:
  • You can’t create more advanced workouts such as rest periods, RPE/RIR, Percentages, drop sets/rest pauses/forced reps
  •  No real way to track training volume
  •  We don’t like the set meal plans, too rigid and can cause many issues for clients
  •  Not many nutritional education videos in the interface for clients
  •  No recipes, grocery lists, meal ideas, food menus in the interface for clients
Overall Thoughts on Both Online Personal Training Platforms:
In these examples, the PRO’s heavily outweigh the CON’s in this one. Also, for good reason they should, come on now we are in 2018 and technology is off the chains.

So, if we could give you an overall summary it would go a little something like this in bullet point fashion:
  •  The messaging feature isn’t very personal with clients
  •  Overall seems too techy and systematic; we imagine it would be hard to build a real authentic relationship with a client on these platforms
  •  We can see this platform being great for coaches that take on 50 + clients, charge low prices, and don’t care to build a genuine relationship, almost like “here’s your diet, training program, check in with me, and that’s it” kind of approach
  •  There’s no real education on training and nutrition within the interface
This platform can be helpful for the following:

 1. People just starting in online personal training
 2 People that have big client loads, charge cheap, and don’t want much communication with clients
 3. Someone that doesn’t want to build out their own systems and processes
 4. The downfall is this is an overhead expense depending on your client load so that it could add up monthly
There is no right or wrong here, it all comes down to one’s personal preference on how you want to coach your clients. If these platforms have worked for you and your clients are happy that is all that matters!

We want our clients to feel they are a part of a community and movement. We want their experience with us to be as real and hands-on as possible even though they are in a different state or country.

However, the most common belief is relying on these platforms to grow your business.

Its like hiring a robot to sell your services for you and as of right now that does not exist. (At least not for personal training.)

Moreover, the damage can be permanent if not corrected and whether this is a side hustle or a full-time job you will be risking it all if not taken seriously.

We have seen other PT’s have to go back to their job at those corporate gyms, lose their confidence, and to go back to that low paying grind again.

After building our own business and helping hundreds of other trainers develop their online coaching models, DIY online programs, courses, and monthly subscription models.

We have to remind ourselves when times are difficult to maintain change. Something has to change to grow.

We were able to do this even though most of our students did not have a large social media following, all they needed to do was believe it was possible.

What we will do is take a deep dive into your current business model so we can pinpoint the exact reason you have not seen the success that you deserve.
Here is what you can expect:
  •  We will personally look into your website and sales pages to pinpoint the reason you are not getting any sales.
  •  We will do an audit of your current business model and come up with a game plan that you can execute on.
  •  Understand your revenue goals and configure the math needed to get you to your goal.
  •  Discover which online coaching model would suit you and your clients best.
  •  Lay out the rules and methods to sell to your particular clientele.
Without a doubt these spots fill out fast... because this is something that takes our personal time we only limit to 2-3 calls a few days a week.

You'll just have to experience it for yourself and you've got an important decision to make...

Right now, I'm inviting you to review and audit your website and fitness business personally with myself and my team.

Normally the investment is $297 for this because of the time it takes, however, the investment into your PT business is only $97 today.

Frankly, I can't understand why everyone doesn't take advantage of this offer but we think you and your business is worth it.

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We are looking forward to seeing you there!
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